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With over 60 years of healthcare experienced combined, our staff is all about bringing people to new levels of health and happiness. 

At Michigan Integrative Health, besides helping those who suffer with physical pain, our medical procedures allow us to do so naturally, without drugs or surgery!

Traditional medical care primarily offers drugs and surgery to treat and manage pain. More and more are now looking for an alternative to drugs and surgery either due to concern, or lack of results. Our medical team and alternative health providers have developed procedures and utilize products that are not only effective in treating chronic pain, but also proven beneficial in the healing and repairing of tissue damage. The care we offer has no potential for addiction, unlike the dangerous opioid medications that are commonly offered in traditional medical care. Our procedures do not require repetitive, frequent visits to our office. In most situations, our consultation and screening process determines if you are a candidate, what type of care is required, and will you be required to return to our office 3 times, twice, once or all you will require is one visit. Since we do not follow the traditional model required by insurance companies, our services are out of pocket.

Michigan Office

Located inside the Lexington Place Professional Building, on the corner of 22 Mile and Shelby Rd.

Michigan Integrative Health
6300 22 Mile Rd
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Shelby Charter Twp, MI 48317

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