Minimally invasive fat reduction procedure gives you more muscle tone and shapeliness, so you can enjoy the body you deserve today!

Advanced Fat Reduction

Here at Michigan Integrated Health, we offer the latest fat reduction procedures, such as LIPOSCULPTING, that use safe and effective techniques to remove and reshape fat cells without a negative impact to surrounding tissues.

This procedure has proven to help both women and men to perfect the shape of their body to the smallest detail.

Liposculpting vs. Liposuction

While they sound alike, “liposculpting” and “liposuction” are two different procedures.
While both procedures are used to reduce or remove fat, they have a few unique differences.


is often referred to as “LIPO.” It is an invasive cosmetic
surgery that is designed to drastically remove excess fat deposits.

Surgical methods like this can potentially damage the
surrounding skin tissue, resulting in ugly scarring and
uneven results.


is a more advanced minimally invasive fat-reduction procedure. Instead of surgery it uses a safe, vibration-based technique to ensure that there is no damage or trauma to the body, leading to better results and faster healing.

Liposculpting is designed less, to get rid of fat, and more to remove, reshape, and contour it to a more desirable aesthetic. It is used to enhance the definition of muscles and remove fat from problem areas.

Who Can Benefit From Liposculpting?

Almost any man or woman who has stubborn fat in the areas of the abdomen, hips, waist, neck, chin, buttocks, or back -- which will not respond to diet and exercise -- can benefit from liposculpting.

The ideal candidate is close to their ideal weight and has a BMI under 30. In those who are more severely overweight, liposculpting may be combined with other options. It is not recommended for obese patients.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From Liposculpting?

The results of liposculpting vary from patient to patient, but all patients see improvement.
Noticeable results will start immediately after your procedure, and the results continue to improve up to three months after!

Abdominal Sculpting

Arm Wing Reduction

Abdominal Sculpting and
Buttock Transfer

Liposculpting at Michigan Integrative Health Health 

  • Removes stubborn fat cells safely and permanently.
  • Uses safe vibration to remove fat cells - no burning, tearing or scraping, and no trauma to the surrounding tissue.
  • Is minimally invasive, it requires only local sedation, and no total anesthesia.
  • It has a short recovery time. Recovery time is only 24 to 48 hours, with many patients returning to work the very next day!
  • It provides natural fat transfer. After your liposculpting procedure, fat can be transferred to other desired areas of the body, such as breasts and buttocks.

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